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Free Totally free, opensourced
Simplicity Easy to install and use
Powerful More functionl, more dictonaries
Security No trojan, no malware
Version3.0.0 released on 2007-8-12
Licensed under GPL TERMS. This is not a GNU package
You can download dictionaries from our forum. If you have your own dictionaries, please upload them to share with others. Thanks! GO TO FORUM>>
Install Dictionaries in Linux:
To install these tarball dictionaries, do this:
tar -xjvf a.tar.bz2
mv a /usr/share/stardict/dic
Install Dictionaries in Win32:
Use WinRAR to extract the .tar.bz2 file, which you get a directory, then move this directory to the dic\, such as C:\Program files\stardict\dic\


Notice: As the dictionaries are collected from the internet, we can't make sure of each dictionary's license, if you find your dictionaries are downloadable here, which is not allowed, please mail me, i will remove it soon.

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