StarDict 2.4.8 StarDict is a Cross-Platform and international dictionary written in Gtk2.
It has powerful features such as "Glob-style pattern matching", "Scan selection word,"
"Fuzzy query," etc.
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Related information
Interfaces GNOME 2.8
Source languages C++
Support OS Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Win32
Version 2.4.8 (capacity) released on 2006-7-7
Licensed under GPL terms. This is not a GNU package.
Project contacts
Project Leader Hu Zheng  
Developers Evgeniy
Contributors Alex Murygin

StarDict need fresh blood! You are very welcomed to join StarDict development.
You can get the newest source code by
svn co stardict

Here is the TODO list, you can try to do some of the work and send patches to me, I will give you the svn commit privilege after you become a StarDict developer.

Here is the Update Log.
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